Q.When should I call Intermovers?
    A. It is never too early to start planning your move. It’s always best to contact us 4-6 weeks before your moving date if possible so we can arrange for the move and book your preferred packing date. You should inform the sales person during your pre-move survey of your preferred packing date and target delivery date and they will try to organise the move based on your schedule if possible.

    Apart from international relocations, we also do domestic moves, office and factory moves, warehousing and document storage. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need one of our sales persons to give you an estimate.
    Q. Do I really need an estimate?
    A. The pre-move survey of your goods that need to be moved will help to determine the approximate volume and cost of your household goods relocation. The surveyor will calculate the approximate cost and give you a quote for the relocation. Kindly contact us by phone or email to arrange for a free non-obligatory pre-move survey.
    Q. I do not have an address in my destination country, can my goods be stored temporarily?
    A. Your belongings can be stored at our Intermovers and Storage warehouse in Malaysia right after the packing to delay the shipping-out to your destination country to avoid storage at destination. Alternatively, we can ask our destination partners to quote for storage at your destination country. Please ask the sales person for the storage charges, warehouse handling charges and final delivery charges from the warehouse.

    If your goods need to be placed in storage for longer than your in-transit insurance coverage period, we can offer an additional insurance coverage. The cost will depend on the value of your shipment and if it will be a long term or short term storage.
    Q. How should I prepare for the packing date?
    A. Be careful NOT to leave fragile items, money, jewelry, watches or other valuables in any drawers of items to be packed. Please ensure that any items that you need to take with you on the plane (passport, important documents, clothes and equipment for your children’s school) have been put aside and you inform the supervisor that the items are not going.
    Q. Some of my goods are going to a different address, how do we differentiate between the different shipments?
    How will you not mix it up in the same container?
    A. A few days before the packing date a sales person may drop by with different colored stickers so you can identify which colors go to which destination. If your shipments are delivered to two different locations at the destination, all items going to the second delivery destination will be loaded first before the boxes going to the first delivery destination are loaded, so it is easily unloaded once it arrives at its destination. 
    Q. Can I bring food in my shipment?
    A. Kindly ask the sales person attending the pre-move survey as this depends on the destination country. Some countries allow for certain dry/canned foods to be brought into the country, while some countries have very strict regulations.
    Q. Can I bring plants?
    A. If you are moving within Malaysia we can assist in transporting your plants to your new residence. However if you are moving to a different country this is very often prohibited or an import permit is required and they often do not travel well due to the lack of water, light and in some cases extreme temperature changes. If you have an import permit we can look into shipping them by air. Kindly ask the sales person to check on the possibility of sending your plants by air.
    Q. When is the best time to move?
    A. If your moving date is flexible, it is best to avoid the summer period, the end of any month or at the end of the year. Of course the move should always take place when it is convenient for you and your family, however we are able to better meet your preferred schedule during off peak periods.
    Q. How long does it take to move?
    A. The duration of a move varies from move to move. The volume of your shipment, the type of packing needed for your goods, the weather, the time of the year, and the delivery destination of your shipment all have to be taken into account. The sales person will be able to calculate an approximate transit time for your shipment when they submit the quotation
    to you.
    Q. Can I stay in my house while you are packing/unpacking?
    A. Some people prefer to stay in their home from the first night until the last night. Kindly inform the sales person so they can plan yourpacking/unpacking and ensure that the beds are packed last or unpacked first. Please note however that if you have asthmatic children it may be advisable to stay in a hotel.
    Q. Can I pack my own boxes?
    A. It is best that your household possessions especially fragile items be professionally packed by the moving company. This is especially important for the insurance coverage. Should you wish to pack some of your books or personal clothing we can send a few boxes beforehand. Please note that all boxes should be left open so we can seal the boxes on the packing date and ensure that the labeling of the box is done correctly.
    Q. How will the movers know where to place each box?
    A. If you inform the supervisor of the packing team which room in your new home corresponds to which room in your previous home,they can direct each box into the respective rooms. In some case your new home may have more or less rooms than your previous home (e.g. no garage), kindly inform the supervisor which rooms they can direct all items labeled ‘garage’ to go.
    Q. Can you help with relocating my pets?
    A. Kindly inform the sales person who attends the pre-move survey of the type of pet you would like us to help move and they will assist you in checking on the veterinary regulations and documents required to import your pet. For more information kindly click here.
    Q. Can you transport my car/motorbike?
    A. Kindly inform the sales person who attends the pre-move survey of the type of vehicle you would like us to help relocate and they will assist you on obtaining information on importing a vehicle to your destination country. For more information kindly click here.
    Q. What insurance service does Intermovers provide?
    A. You can insure through our own elaborate insurance programme. Your household goods and personal effects are insured against all risks of loss or damage, from door-to-door, with a worldwide coverage. For more insurance information kindly click here. or contact our office for the latest information on insurance.
    Q. How can you help make my business relocation as quick as possible?
    A. In order to help you minimise time loss, we subject every single relocation to thorough and professional planning. Through this planning we schedule our services whenever the best time is: weekdays, weekends or public holidays. All planned activities are being carried out by our experienced personnel, who are responsible for many of our satisfied corporate clients.
    Q. What precautionary measures are you taking to move any arts and antiques safely?
    A. We only use the best packing materials specialised for arts and antiques, like acid-free tissues, corner protectors, polyethylene, custom-made cardboard and wooden boxes and crates. The goods are handled by trained and experienced personnel who work by the FIDI standard, the highest standard known to the relocation industry. All our transport and contingent storage is environmentally controlled for temperature and humidity. For more information on the relocation of arts and antiques, click here.