Move Management


    International Moving

    From your initial pre-move survey with Intermovers you will receive expert advice and consultation on your shipping requirements. Working with our Harmony Relocation Network covers 60 countries on 6 continents through our 130 partners and assures you a quality move as all Harmony partners must comply with either FIDI FAIMs ISO or ISO9001.

    Booking a Door to Door International Move with Intermovers covers (unless agreed otherwise):
      Door to door support with a dedicated move manager to guide you through the process and keeping you informed on your move
      Dismantling of furniture, packing, loading, and transporting/shipping handled by our trained packers/operations team
      Special crating for fragile items and handling of special items such as pianos
      Customs clearance, delivery, unloading, and unpacking at destination by one of our Harmony Relocation Partners or FIDI FAIM accredited moving company (unless unavailable in the destination country)
      Adjustable program to suit your needs (groupage, excluding unpacking or delivery to storage)
    International Moving
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    Moving Within Malaysia

    With over 25 years of moving we understand that moving locally or to another state is just as big a deal. This is where setting up a pre-move survey and working with a reliable Intermovers move manager who understands your needs and requirements is essential.

    Moving within Malaysia with Intermovers covers:
      Packing of all furniture and loose items, transporting to new residence with unpacking and removal of debris (unless a different option is chosen)  
      Tailor made move planed based on your needs and requirements (delivery of boxes for pre-packing, move excluding unpacking, move via storage facility etc.)  
      Option to support our efforts to ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’. Used boxes in good condition available to reduce the use of new materials and to reduce your carbon footprint  
      Intermovers can manage moves to any state in Malaysia including moves to East Malaysia  
    Moving Within Malaysia
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    Pet Relocations

    When a family relocates internationally, arrangements involved with pet relocation are often stressful. Imagine the distress and disorientation your beloved pet may experience while moving. With our experience team, we are able to perform moves for your significant family extensions virtually anywhere from and to around the globe.

    All elements one could equate with the preparations involved with pet relocation inclusive of transportation, boarding, and any necessary veterinary attention, comes under the umbrella of the range of services that we offer.

    With us, you can be assured of a complete, secure, pleasant and comfortable travel experience for your pet

    Why Intermovers?

    The following services will be provided (if required) in every pet relocation we handle:
      Pet Accommodation
      All flight arrangements
      Export/Import Licensing and Health Certificate and Quarantine (if required)
      Transportation to State Government Veterinary and airport
      Pick-up and Delivery/Clearance to and from the airport
      Airline approved traveling cages (if required)
      Microchip implanting (if required)
      Rabies Testing Package in accordance to UK Pet Passport Scheme
      Door-to-Door or Door-to-Airport Services
      Other Pet Related Services
    Pet Relocations
    Pet Relocations
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    Vehicle Relocation

    Vehicle relocation services make it easy to take your transport with you when relocating overseas.

    Most individuals or families have at least one vehicle in Malaysia. Particularly if you are an expat who has moved to Malaysia and is relocating, it could be difficult to try and sell your vehicle prior to departure. This is where Intermovers can help, with professional, secure vehicle relocation services. There is no need to sell your vehicle when we can offer a cost effective vehicle relocation solution.

    Vehicle Relocation is just one of the many specialised moving services offered by Intermovers Malaysia. Not all moving companies offer to relocate your vehicle, and we highly recommended you speak to an experienced, auto relocation service when you are considering taking your vehicle with you to your new destination.

    With Intermovers we offer range of services to ensure smooth transition of your vehicle to or from Malaysia.
      Scheduling PUSPAKOM appointment and inspection (if required)  
      JPJ De-registration process (if required)  
      Car transportation to PUSPAKOM, JPJ and port by a car carrier, Loading, choking and Lashing of car in a container  
      Loading, choking and Lashing of car in a container  
      Delivering to your new location or port at destination country  
    Vehicle Relocation
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    Household Goods Insurance

    Choose the cover that suits you
    Option 1 - Itemized Insurance Cover
    List all the items in your shipment on our Insurance valuation form at the approximate replacement value at your destination. With this option all items must be listed and items not listed will not be covered. The premium is based on a percentage of the total value of your Household Goods and Personal Effects.
    Option 2 - Lump Sum Valuation Cover
    This package provides the option of not having to complete an insurance valuation for all your items.
    This policy includes:
    Worldwide coverage
    • Pairs and sets coverage providing an entire set when only part of a set is damaged.
    • Electrical and Mechanical Derangement coverage for protection against problems with the internal workings of electrical items.
    • Mould and Mildew coverage for protection against damage caused by humidity and moisture.
    • Valuation form to assist you to value your goods and help prevent under-insurance.
    • Storage in transit, which can be extended.
    • Rapid and correct settlement of valid claims.
    Our attention and care with special items and the quality of our packing helps us maintain one of the industry’s lowest claims ratios.

    Rest assured we use experienced movers at every stage of our move. However, accidents can happen. Even with the greatest care, damage or loss to a shipment may occur. To cover all modes of transportation, Intermovers offers the following insurance policies.
    Write Insurance Form