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Commercial Moving


Office Moving

QuestionIs your company expanding? Or the lease of your premises expiring?
QuestionIs this your first relocation? Is it getting chaotic with everyone wrapping up things, from files to hard drives, and equipment to personal belongings?
When office moving is unavoidable, your business relocation services company needs to anticipate the hurdles that could come up during the move and prepare for it. The entire relocation process can be very cumbersome. There are various processes to contend with and that is what makes the entire process time consuming, difficult and challenging.
Why Intermovers?
  We take serious consideration of your downtime and make it our utmost priority when planning and executing a move
  Dismantling and assembling furnitures at both venue
  Supply of high quality boxes and packing materials
  Supply of coloured stickers to differentiate each departments and individuals
  Packing and moving electrical equipments
  Packing and moving office PC’s
  Experience set of team that have vast knowledge on moving servers and server racks
  Professional set of team that handles Artworks (if required)
  Safe Moving
Office Moving
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Factory Moving

QuestionAre you planning to shift your office or factory to a different location? Or planning to seek logistics for your health firm or laboratory?
Your business relocation needs to anticipate hurdles that could occur during the move and while preparing for it. The most effective way to do that is found by hiring commercial moving services and commercial storage solution.
This is why, it would do you a world of good if you were to partner with Intermovers as we have more than two decades of experience on a global scale, which equips us to execute all types of commercial moves.
Factory Moving
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How we handle the moves?

Whether we, commercial equipment movers, are shifting your small store or your gigantic factory, we not only make a full-proof plan but execute the same with our professionals, who have been trained to handle responsibilities of huge stature. We understand and respect that each business is different from the other and so, for us, the commercial movers, the means and process of handling each one of them is also widely different.
From planning the nitty-gritty of the relocation process to overseeing the relocation, and finally the entire execution, you can trust Intermovers, your corporate relocation specialist, to smoothly handle all your Commercial Moving needs through expertly delivered commercial moving services and commercial storage solutions.
So, no more sleepless nights before relocating your business. Over the years, we have developed an expertise that has sufficed us with an understanding of the scale and nature of your operations. We respect your trade and so we take the onus on us to ensure that the relocation process goes without any hassles whatsoever.

Record Management Storage

All businesses generate a large amount of paper. They mount up quickly – and it’s important that they are to be stored somewhere safe and convenient. Intermovers provide a solution for storage and management of your companies’ records and files. We will keep and manage your records and files confidentially, efficiently, systematically and for easy retrieval. Record Management services includes:
  Inventory Relocation Services (Moving The Boxes from Office to Our Warehouse)
  Assistance with cataloging of boxes
  Transmittal Preparation For Cartons (Content Form Sheet)
  Open Shelf Consolidations
  Inventory Audit Services
  Destruction Of File With Certificate
  Same day pick up and delivery
  Top quality boxes for durability
Record Management Storage
So, if you want to manage a portfolio of all the records then what can be a better way than taking professional assistance such as Intermovers Malaysia.
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