In the event that you will not be present for a period of time and require your household goods and personal effects to be kept in storage for that period, we can provide full service warehouse operations for your household goods with the capacity to handle any storage requirements you may have.
Climate control
Our warehouse is equipped with both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned storage facilities and is environmentally managed by our climate control system. This makes our warehouse suitable for storage of your household goods and personal effects for a long period of time.

Safety & Security
Our warehouse is privately managed by us. We engage round-the-clock security at our premise through 24-hour security guards, trained guard-dogs and close-circuit TV surveillance systems.
Our warehouse is located away from busy streets or main roads. The address and location of the warehouse is privy only to the personnel and clients who have business at the warehouse. All visits to our warehouse are subject to prior appointment. Our security guards will screen visitors against the appointment book before allowing entry.