We use experienced movers at every stage of our move. However, accidents can happen. Even with the greatest care, damage or loss to a shipment may occur. To cover all modes of transportation, Intermovers offers the following insurance programme.

This programme includes:
 Worldwide coverage;
 The unique option to include house contents, and private motor bike(s) on the same policy;
 Valuation form to assist you to value  your goods and help prevent under-insurance;
 Professional cleaning or removal of debris;
 Storage in transit, which can be extended;
 Rapid and correct settlement of valid claims;
What value should you insure for?
 You should insure your household and personal affects for your full replacement value at destination. N.B. the
  attached valuation form must be completed and signed by you or your agent.
 If you are sending a private motor car/bike, then it should also be insured for its new value at destination.
Over which distance are your belongings insured?
 To residence (i.e. door to door)
 Car/motorbike: hand-over at origin to hand-over at destination
 Accompanied luggage: residence to residence (i.e. door to door)
What are your goods insured for?
Your household and personal effects are insured against all risks of loss or damage irrespective of the nature of the loss
or damage, or the way in which the loss or damage occurred.